RUMOLA solves those tricky authorization text filled images in web pages (CAPTCHAs) instead of you.

  • You decided to create a mailbox, didn't you? After submitting exhaustive data about yourself you are asked to enter a meaningless array of characters which are shown below (it is named captcha), aren't you? It takes your time and gets into your head?

    RUMOLA service will do it for you. While you are writing your comment our workers will enter those meaningless characters for you.
    Chase captchas out of your life!

  • Are you ready to try? You need just one minute of your time and 3 simple steps leading us to begin entering captchas for you. Install extension "RUMOLA" for your browser, register submitting only your email and go onto the link which will be sent to you in the email (don't forget to read ToS). The installed extension will be automatically bound to your account and now everything is ready for work.
  • Test how the service works. We give you free first 10 entries during the first week after registration. Our service is based on speed. Just an instant and your captcha will appear on the other end of our planet where our workers are always ready to enter your captcha.
  • You use Internet on a tablet PC or a Smartphone? Entering captchas is more difficult on the virtual keyboard rather than on a regular one. Service RUMOLA also works on such devices! It is just as easy as on a regular computer to start using the service on mobile devices. You can bound several extensions "RUMOLA" on various devices to one RUMOLA account.